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Our Schoolhouse

We are located in a historic craftsman right in the heart of Los Feliz Village. Our Progressive model allows children to move freely from indoor to outdoor spaces that are thoughtfully designed for their learning journey.


Our indoor space is organized into distinct areas to encourage different modes of learning. Children can work on their collaborative play skills with toy kitchens and dress up clothes. They can also strengthen their engineering and building skills with ramps and blocks. From there they can move to our Creation Station to work on art or head to the Katie's Reading Nook to build the foundation of early literacy. Children can further nurture their artistic sensibilities with a full sized piano and other instruments. 

Our outdoor space offers ample opportunities for children to explore the world. Children can dig and build in the sandbox, learn about the natural world in the garden or take turns on the swings. Our play structure features climbing areas, a belt bridge and slide. The Art and Science Studio on the deck allows children to express themselves and build a foundational knowledge of scientific exploration. 

You can rent our schoolhouse for your private event. Rates start at $350 for 4 hours with a $150 nonrefundable cleaning fee. To learn more or to book your event, email

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