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Our Approach

Located in the heart of Los Feliz, All Children Great & Small has served the community for over 40 years. Our play-based approach builds self-confidence, social skills and critical thinking for a solid foundation to set your child up for success. 

We are a team of teachers, children and parents who play together, laugh together, grow together and camp together.

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Progressive Education

The Progressive model allows children to follow their innate curiosity that will be the foundation of a lifelong love of learning. 

Open inquiry and creative exploration abound in the various stations that children may work at each day. Children move freely from the outdoor climbing structure and sand lot, to the Art and Science Studio on the deck or to the Creation Station inside. This freedom allows students to immerse themselves in the experiences that suit them developmentally and temperamentally.

Without being tied to age as a measure of progress, there is more freedom for children to develop at their own pace. Educators have ample time observing and learning about each child’s individual needs and learning styles so they can tailor their teaching methods and activities accordingly.

Allowing older children to interact with younger children provides unique opportunities for growth and learning. It also creates more engaging group activities and provides stability for children as they stay with the same teachers throughout their preschool education. 

Older children develop their leadership skills because younger children naturally look up to them in the classroom; this improves development in all age groups. This model also boosts self-esteem in children because they are less likely to compare their development and skills to their peers. 

Mixed Age Learning

Powered by Community

We are a nonprofit, parent-participation preschool that fosters connections for parents and children alike. 


Each member serves on a committee, participates in fundraising activities and volunteers for events or school improvement projects. Parents who are looking to be more involved in the school can join the Board of Directors. Our community is strong because we join together to support each other and the school.

All of our educators speak Spanish, and they love infusing the language into the daily activities at All Children Great & Small. Spanish is woven into daily meetings and lessons throughout the day. This method allows children to easily pick up on the language as they learn useful words and phrases. 

Holistic Exposure

to Spanish

Committed to Diversity

It is part of our mission to help our students grow into kind people for a world that needs them. Because children are so impressionable during the early years, we believe it's essential to help children understand, accept and appreciate people's differences. 

We provide children with a diverse community that celebrates every individual and embraces cultural learning. This approach instills children with self-confidence and empathy. 

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