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program & Philosophy

Fall schedule 

Full Days: Monday and Thursday 9am - 3pm

Half Days: M-F 9am -12pm

Current age of enrollment is 2 yrs old.  2 - 3 yr olds are eligible for 2 half days a week. 3 yr olds are eligible for 3 half days a week with the possibility of adding more half days
based on how they acclimate to the school environment. 4 - 6 year olds are eligible for half or full days, up to 5 days a week.


All Children Great and Small is a parent Participation school, which help fosters our wonderful community.  


In Person Learning

ACGS has a detailed safety plan in place to help keep everyone healthy and safe during Covid-19. Here is a list of safety measures we have implemented at school. 


Each day, during these three-hour sessions, children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old follow their innate curiosity and desire to learn through opportunities that scaffold according to the Progressive model.  Open inquiry and creative exploration abound in the various stations that children may work at each day.  Children move freely from the outdoor climbing structure and sand lot, to the Art and Science Studio on the deck. This freedom allows students to immerse themselves in the experiences that suit them developmentally and temperamentally.  One student might choose to spend all day working assiduously in the garden, while another prefers to feel the wind in their hair on the swing set for the bulk of the afternoon.  At age three, a child might be most comfortable digging channels in the sandbox, while at four that same child might be leading a group of experimenters constructing an erupting volcano, and by five will be confidently designing a multi-step large-scale art project.  

All the children in each session gather for two meetings each day—one to open the session and another to close it. At these meetings, teachers read books, lead discussions, and sing songs relevant to the current themes of the school, which range from exploring our bodies and understanding consent to discussing the upcoming school camping trip and learning how to use the tools that help us enjoy nature.



​​Full-days 9am - 3pm            Half-days 9am - 12pm
2 days $785.                    2 days $440
3 days $1,180                  3 days $660
4 days $1,570                  4 days $880
5 days $1,950                  5 days $1,100

Additional Fees

  • Application fee $50.00 (via check), $52 online payment with service fee

  • Annual waitlist fee $25.00

  • Annual school fee $400.00

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