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ALL-IN for All Children Great & Small! 

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

In order for our school to be eligible for grants this year, each family needs to make a donation – any donation! -- to show our own support for the school. The money we raise will not only make us eligible for grants that require that every member of our own community has contributed, it will also help the school! We’d like to add some fun (maybe big tires for climbing!) to the front yard, do some sprucing-up in the house, send our faculty to some inspiring trainings, and build up the school’s reserves.

This year, the Board and Faculty want to do more than raise money for the school. We are excited to celebrate the wealth of resources that our community has by donating a percentage of our ALL-IN fundraiser to Save the Children.

We’d like to close the ALL-IN by December 1st, so please be sure to make a donation (great or small!) by then.

Please go to the Go Fund Me site created by our Fundraising Chair Mickie to make your contribution

And remember the power of "sharing" your link and donation with family and friends!

Thanks so much for your generosity!

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