Enrollment & Tuition

Below you’ll find useful information regarding our enrollment policies and procedures and tuition. We have given great thought to the enrollment process and hope you will find that the school’s values are well served.


It is fundamental to the program at All Children Great and Small that each classroom provide children with as much range and balance as possible, with respect to age, gender, race, economic and other forms of diversity such as special needs and alternative family structures. This priority plays an important role in guiding our enrollment process since we seek to maintain an environment that offers maximum diversity. We also seek to create a system of enrollment that is equitable. For this reason, considerable emphasis is placed on the length of time a family has waited to enroll their child in our school and become a part of this community. We do not test or assess children or their families in terms of compatibility with our program. We trust that upon visiting the school and placing your child on the waiting list, you will have decided that you are in agreement with our educational philosophy as well as with the parent participation requirement that is fundamental to the success of our program. In honor of the school’s commitment to the school community, all siblings of ACGS students are given priority at enrollment.


The enrollment process at All Children Great and Small begins with a visit to the school. We offer families an opportunity to observe and participate in a session (with or without their children). No formal tours are given and no appointment is necessary. We do ask that families arrive within the first 30 minutes of either the morning or afternoon session, when teachers are more available to greet them. Return visits are welcome.

Our sessions run as follows:

Monday through Friday:

Morning session: 9am to 12pm

Afternoon session: 1pm to 4pm


A two-page application is available at the school and may be submitted at the time of your visit or mailed in. Our waiting list is renewed annually, in February, by mail. At this time, each family is notified of its child’s status on the list and offered an opportunity to renew the application. A one-time $40 application fee is collected when applications are submitted.  Application renewal does not require additional fees.


Most families begin school during the Fall session. Children who are three years old by October 31st of the same year are eligible for enrollment. Those children who are not yet three at the start of fall session in September must be accompanied by an adult until their third birthday. Families are admitted according to their placement on the waiting list and the demographic needs of the classroom. Classes are gender balanced. Enrollment is also guided by the school’s commitment to diversity – be it ethnic, economic and/or experiential. However, length of time on the waiting list plays a primary role and ACGS siblings are given priority. Confirmation of enrollment begins in April.


Because ACGS is a year-round school and in order to offer families the option of changing schedules over the summer, limited spaces become available in July. At this time, children on the waiting list who are three years old before July 1 are eligible to begin during our summer session (July & August). Notification of summer enrollment occurs simultaneously with fall enrollment beginning in April. Infrequently, openings become available midyear. If and when they do, spaces are offered to those on the waiting list who are 3 years of age or older and according to the same enrollment priorities that govern regular enrollment.


Our tuition rates are as follows.  This does not included the annual Family Contribution fee of $600.

$378/month for 3 day week

$504/month for 4 day week

$630/month for 5 day week


ACGS offers limited (tuition-only) scholarship assistance. Once a family has been invited to attend, an application for scholarship is made available. Upon review by the scholarship committee, a partial or full tuition scholarship is awarded to the families in most need.

More information regarding enrollment, tuition and fees is available from the Enrollment Parent whose home phone number can be obtained from the ACGS phone message greeting or on the contacts page of this website.

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